The School of Music at the University of Utah has a rich tradition of music and cultural heritage. There are more than 400 music major courses on offer at this esteemed institute where students national and international receive training from reputed tutors and faculty members. You could fund your musical education easily as the internet offers dozens of opportunities and Orion Code* is just one of them.

The course programs are intense and rigorous and are known for their small class size which lays stress on individual and one-on-one attention. The students are trained and encouraged to perform in local organisations such as the Utah Symphony, the Utah Opera etc.

Admissions based on Audition:

It is very important to note that any performance-based graduate and undergraduate degree in the School of Music requires auditioning. However, applicants to theory-based programs like musicology, music education, theory and history do not require any audition.

The Audition Requirements for the Undergraduate Programs are:

Piano, jazz, strings, organ, classical guitar, percussion, woodwind, brass and voice.

The Masters Audition requirements are:

Piano, jazz, vocals, organ, music education, instrumental and choir conducting, woodwinds and brass.

The DMA Audition Requirements are:

Piano, strings, vocals, percussion, clarinets, instrumental and choral conducting.

The PhD audition requirements are:

Music education.

The Academic programs available are:

  • Bachelor of Music in Jazz performance
  • Bachelor of Music in Jazz composition
  • MM
  • Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance
  • Bachelor of Music in Organ Performance
  • Bachelor of Music in Piano Pedagogy
  • MM
  • DMA
  • Bachelor of Music in Composition
  • MM
  • PhD programs
  • MM (choral and instrumental)
  • DMA (choral and instrumental)
Instrumental performances
  • Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Performance
  • Bachelor of Music in Classical Guitar Performance
  • MM
  • DMA
String performance and Pedagogy
  • MM
Music education
  • Bachelor of Music in Music education (choral and instrumental)
  • MM
  • PhD
Musicology/ Music history
  • Bachelor of Music in history and literature
  • MA in Musicology
  • MM
Vocal Performance
  • Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance
  • MM
  • DMA
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Minors and Certificate Programs
  • Minor in Music: Woodwinds, brass, organ, piano, voice, percussion, strings and guitar.
  • Minors in Music technology
  • Certificate in Music technology.

The requirements for application to any music program at the School of Music:

  • It is very important to note that all applicants must apply for their admission to the music course programs to the University of Utah.
  • Be aware of the requirements for your course program and its features and characteristics.
  • The School of Music requires the student applicants to submit 3 letters of recommendation and 2 of these three letters must be from people who are institutionally capable of assessing the music and academic performance and ability.
  • Students wishing to avail of any scholarship programs need to apply in advance.
  • The next important step is to apply for audition and request for an audition date and time if you are applying for any performance-based courses.

The article intends to provide information on the various music courses on offer and interested applicants can have a look at the academic calendar to finish their admission process well on time.

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