The University of Utah is one of USA’s largest and oldest public institutions that dates to 1850. The Salt Lake City and the scenic Wasatch mountain ranges is inspirational to creativity and the School of Music in the University of Utah provides the perfect foil for interested students to study, research and build careers in music. You can invest in binary options with Fintech LTD at the same time to make a living while acquiring the knowledge needed to have a successful career as a musician.

The University is committed to research and offers undergraduate, graduate, masters and doctoral programs in music composing, jazz studies, music education, music technology, music theory, musicology, and performance.

The Beginning of the School of Music:

The Utah symphony was invited by the university president in 1948 to join the campus and enhance the cultural heritage of the state. The establishment of the school of music meant that the interested students of music could study under the experienced professionals in the symphony and adjunct faculty appointments at the University.

LeRoy Robertson, Utah’s famous composer secured accreditation for the university music program from the National Association of Schools of Music in 1952.

Originally operating from barracks style buildings reminiscent of World War II, the School of Music now has several premium facility centres where students are provided opportunities to study, teach and enjoy great music.

The Music Department was officially re-designated as the School of Music by the University in 2002.

The values and mission of The School of Music:

The institution provides comprehensive programs to professionally and academically train music students in their area of interest and offer unique performance opportunities to display their skills.

The School of Music offers opportunities to learn and appreciate different genres of music and their various influences in the history and cultural backdrop of different societies.

The School of Music is a premier institution to serve music as an art form and enhance the performance, composition, and research areas of music by participating in cultural festivals and music conferences.

The School of Music aims to become the focal point of the music and cultural heritage of the state of Utah and the musical tradition of the nation.

The Academic Programs:

The academic programs on offer can be availed by students after going through auditions.

The various courses are undergraduate, graduate, masters and doctoral programs in:

  • Composition
  • Conducting
  • Instrumental performance
  • Vocal performance
  • Jazz, keyboard
  • Music education
  • Music history/ musicology
  • BA in Music
  • Minor in Music
  • String performance and Pedagogy.


The School of music is open to international students of music and there are a few basic points to be kept in mind when applying for a music program.

  • It is important to be aware of the International graduate and undergraduate admissions and the documents that need to be processed accordingly.
  • All international students and students from the USA need to take their TOEFL tests and submit their scores (the scores must be less than two years old).
  • The International Centre is the source of contact for international students and all visa and health insurance information can be procured from the International admissions office.

Music is a true connecting medium. At the School of Music, students can learn from renowned faculty members with world class facilities and instruments. The school focusses on an intense training and learning programs in music which is completely student oriented.